Frolicking Whales in Wilhelmina Bay, Antarctica

Humpback Whale Tail














We’d spent the morning cruising around the bay exploring some of the incredible icebergs.     The water was glass-like shimmering just as silk does and reflecting ice all around.  It was a world of white punctuated with glistening blue icebergs.


Not long after getting back on the boat there was the callout to say that whales had been spotted.  I grabbed my camera and took off for the deck.   Minutes later whales were being spotted in every direction, our expedition leader had made the call to delay our departure and get all the zodiacs back in the water – we were heading back out to explore!


The next hour or so was just magic.  The setting was already picture perfect so add to this whales feeding in these krill-rich waters and you have a totally amazing experience.


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