Beautiful Bagan

Beautiful Bagan

                        I had such a great time creating these images in Bagan’s spectacular temples.   That exhilaration you experience when shooting something special whether it be an exotic destination, amazing people or the sheet spectacular natural beauty of our world is what drives me…

Dhaulagiri & Annapurna Range Views from Khopra Ridge

Trekking Annapurna Dhaulaguri

I recently spent 10 days trekking the magnificent Annapurna Dhaulaguri community trail in Nepal with Peregrine Adventures.   Everyday the scenery was just mind blowing!    So much diversity ranging from high altitude rainforest and jungle, through to the sparseness that occurs once you ascend above the treeline.   Even better though was that after 3 days…

Dhaulagiri Range Views from Khopra Ridge

Views of Dhaulagiri

                              Hiking in the Annapurna region of Nepal is just spectacular!   This image was taken up on Kopra Ridge where there is a simple lodge that sits on a finger of land surrounded by deep gorge.  Ahead is the magnificent…

Giraffe Necking

Necking Giraffes in Botswana

These fabulous creatures fight with such grace and beauty!   The dominant male giraffe has been challenged by a younger competitor, which means the two will fight or neck until one or the other can no longer stand or gives up.   Sounds brutal and apparently often does not finish well for the loser, however watching…

Checked out by a Zebra

A Tiny Taste of Africa

  Just back from Africa and I’ve got thousands of images to work through.   The above is a teeny tiny sample of some of the simply gorgeous creatures I was lucky enough to encounter.   I am loving the simulated infrared appearance of these images as it really helps to contrast and isolate these…

Tidal River at Wilsons Promontory is pristine, wild and breathtakingly beautiful.

Simply Stunning – Wilsons Promontory, Australia

  Located on the southern-most tip of Australia, Wilsons Promontory is simply stunning. I was totally blown away by the variety of spectacular landscapes and sheer beauty of the area.  Gorgeous sunsets, crystal clear ocean, great bush walks and topped off at night with the most amazing starry skies shining incredibly brightly. If you ever…

Sculpture at Ian McClelland Sculpture Park

Abstract Sculpture

  A few of my favourite pics from over the weekend courtesy of a visit out to the Ian McClelland Sculpture Park on Melbourne’s outskirts.   It was a fantastic day and the perfect environment for my Lensbaby to really bring out the abstract!   Enjoy  🙂

Ha Giang’s Gorgeous Kids

  Ha Giang is an amazing and beautiful place, blessed with stunning scenery and wonderful people.  These are a few of the kids we met along the way.   Below is a great collage of some of my favourite Ha Giang images – it makes a fantastic desktop wallpaper….. Donate $20 to Project Sama and…

Dragon Boat Festival in Xixi Wetland, Hangzhou

Dragon Boat Festival

  It’s Dragon Boat Festival time in China!   A few of my favourite dragon boat photos of the races held out at Xixi Wetlands in Hangzhou, not far from Shanghai.   To read more about what the Dragon Boat Festival is all about, click here to head on over to The Lazy Travel Writer….

In the Mountainous Fields of Ha Giang

First Glimpse – Ha Giang

  Recently I spent an amazing week photographing Ha Giang.    This gallery is the first sneak peak of the week which was filled with awe-inspiring mountains and impossibly beautiful views along with loads of wonderful people.   Enjoy  🙂   I’m also working on a project to help raise funds for some of Vietnam’s…

the Iconic Hollywood Sign

Los Angeles – a Birds Eye View

Helicopters are fast becoming one of my favourite ways to get a different perspective on a place. Recently with just one day to spare in LA I opted for a chopper ride to try and see as much as possible – it was awesome!!! These images a just a few from the one hour flight….

Cutest kids eating icecreams on Flores. Guatemala

Charming Flores, Guatemala

  The tiny island of Flores in Peten Lake, Guatemala is the perfect stopping off point for a visit to the magnificent Mayan ruins of Tikal. Wandering the charming cobblestone streets lined with colourful colonial architecture is the ideal way to take in the sights and soak up all the ambiance of this tucked away…

Chicken Bus on the Streets of Antigua

On the Streets of Antigua, Guatemala

Antigua was absolutely beguiling – gorgeous architecture, cobblestone streets, colourful local buses and a good dose of indigenous culture, all set to a magnificent natural backdrop of volcanoes. It’s quite easy to see the latest of my obsessions – volcanoes and the local buses also affectionately referred to as chicken buses.

Traditional Lion Dance

Lion Dance

Lion dancing is one of those celebratory customs which you will often witness if you spend any real time in China – full of excitement and action! The lure of distinctive yet familiar beating of drums, ever so faint in the distance, immediately had me weaving my way through the crowds, to the site of…

Gorgeous Blue Green Anole

Lizards, Iguanas & Shell Crabs

It’s a bit crazy how these little critters can get me chasing after them, especially the brightly coloured ones!   The larger iguanas were a much more cooperative photographic subject as they are larger and sit still for much longer 🙂  

Mirror Street Art on the Malecon

the Malecon, Havana, Cuba

Havana’s Malecon runs some 8 kilometres from Old Havana right down to Verdado.  This waterfront esplanade and roadway is a magnet for locals looking to hang out and relax in the evenings.   During the day it’s more popular with fishermen and those looking to cool off in the deep blue waters of the Florida Straits….

Revolutionary Messages

Che & the Revolution

The lack of commercialism in Cuba was a real highlight for me, but it wasn’t something I immediately thought about whilst wandering the streets.    I didn’t realise how little there actually was until I arrived in Guatemala City, where it was as overt and obvious as being king hit and really quite overwhelming.  What…

Classic car with the stunning Palacio Del Valle in the background.

Palacio de Valle, Cienfuegos, Cuba

The truly magnificent Palacio de Valle has a fascinating mix of architectural influences that include Gothic, Romanesque, Baroque and Mudejar.   Full of beautiful intricate detail this neo-gothic jewel sits on the tip of Punta Gorda with sweeping ocean views on three sides.