Chicken Bus on the Streets of Antigua

On the Streets of Antigua, Guatemala

Antigua was absolutely beguiling – gorgeous architecture, cobblestone streets, colourful local buses and a good dose of indigenous culture, all set to a magnificent natural backdrop of volcanoes. It’s quite easy to see the latest of my obsessions – volcanoes and the local buses also affectionately referred to as chicken buses.

Exploring Santa Clara, Cuba

Santa Clara is well known in Cuba as the place where the revered Che Guevara’s victorious battle led to the downfall of the oppressive Batista regime, it is also the revolutionary hero’s final resting place. I loved Santa Clara for its non-touristy streets and gorgeous mixture of grand architecture but this was a place where,…

On the streets of Yan'an, China.

Images from the Streets of Yan’an, China

Yan’an in China’s north-west was a fantastic place for street photography.  This bizarre outpost was the Communist revolutionary capital with Mao Zedong basing his operations here for many years after the Long March which ended nearby. Spending time here often felt like I had stepped into a totally different world – one that was very…